Artists at the Centre


Catalogue of the Artists at the Centre Exhibit at the ARt Gallery of Hamilton February 23 - March 31, 2002

"The child has a hundred languages."
– Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach

This exhibit represents a pause in a journey – an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been before we continue exploring and creating. It is a celebration of what is possible when children are listened to and given the opportunity to collaborate with adults and each other in a meaningful way.

The artists referred to in the title of this project and exhibit are both professional artists and children aged 18 months to 5 years. They are guided and supported by early childhood educators who are skilled in the art of teaching, who act as provocateurs, partners, researchers, and co-learners.

The artists are at the centre literally – at
early learning and child care centres – but also figuratively in the sense of their work being a focal point. Rather than learning to paint, the children are painting to learn. The professional artists are helping them to be articulate in many languages – paint, clay, wire, box construction, and dozens more – and their representations then become the focus for discussion and reflection and decisions about what to pursue further. The preschool programs in the city of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy have inspired the work we are doing.

We hope the exhibit will be recognized for the attempt that it has made to make children’s learning visible. The journey continues.

- Karyn Callaghan

Artists At The Centre - Exhibition of Children's Artwork


The term "children's art" is a frame that could be put around the works in this exhibition, but if this is done dismissively, we leave the banquet hungry.

These works are significant because they show us images of what the children are thinking and how they are making sense of the world and feeling whole. They show us how adults and children can think and learn together. They show us that non-verbal languages reveal thoughts and feelings that, once expressed, provoke further expression. They also challenge us to reconsider our view of children's capabilities.

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